Caboose Brewing Company Presents… Caboose Tavern

Caboose Brewing Company has experienced a lot throughout the past few years. We celebrated our three-year anniversary, opened a second location, won a few cool awards, and made some beautiful memories. We have gained many loyal guests who have turned into family, and for that, we are forever grateful. But we want to be even better. So we decided to make a change. We are so excited to present to you, Caboose Tavern.

Caboose Tavern in Vienna, VA

We know what you’re thinking. A third location!? Well, not exactly. We revamped our original Vienna location, and for this, it deserves a whole new name.  During the last two weeks, we underwent a makeover. We had Tim “The Tool-man” Taylor gut our kitchen and build a brand new one, while the property brothers built 28 tables with their bare hands. Just kidding! Those celebs only wish we invited them to work with us. We had the best staff in the game (our staff) build Caboose Tavern.  

We want to make your Caboose experience the best it can be. We have made some changes to our operations, to make our guests really feel like family.So let’s be frank, and talk about what wasn’t so great before our refresh, and why we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Not a fan of our portion sizes? Noted.

Our menu now offers full disclosure and clarification on portion size. Bye-bye tapas, hello fun words like, “Starters” and “Sides.”

If you know Caboose, you know our menu is different than you would find at your average brewery or bar. Come to Caboose to find southern comfort Appalachian food meets Northern Virginia dining. Our menu encompasses who we are as a company- using locally sourced, farm to table ingredients in which we create meals that are enjoyable for the whole family.  

Tired of finishing your meal before your friend ever got their appetizer? Our bad, won’t happen again.

We got rid of our “free-flow kitchen” concept. I guess you could say we conformed to society. Now, your meal will come out in the order you like. Kind of like a normal restaurant would.

Plus other fun things, like now you can see into our kitchen. Get a glimpse into the “man behind the curtain,” and watch the genius minds work their magic on your pork belly and brussels sprouts.

Don’t want to leave your dog alone on the patio? Same. That would just be rude.

We are incorporating the same technology we have at Caboose Commons onto our patio at Caboose Tavern. Simply open your phone and scan the code on each table to pull up our menu on your phone. You will then be able to order directly from your phone and have your food and drink delivered right to you. So you’ll never have to leave your doggo alone. Unless of course, you have to go to the bathroom. In which case we highly encourage you to come inside. Please.

Big Caboose fan, but afraid to admit craft beer really isn’t your thing? We’ve got you covered.

We are now two full service bars. That’s right, two. While we will continue to showcase our award winning brews, both bars will also feature a full service cocktail bar with delicious curated and classic libations. *Note, guests are always welcome to sit in our loft, but the loft bar will have a working bartender on the weekends. Now you don’t have an excuse to skip out on Caboose this weekend.

Previous issues with parking? We hear ya.

While we do love when our guests arrive by the W&OD Trail, we know some days it’s just best to drive. We offer a few designated parking spots right outside of Caboose, along with a few neutral spots up for grabs in our parking lot as well.  Monday – Friday after 5:00pm, guests are welcome to park diagonally across from Sheets Hardware. After 6:30pm, guests are welcome to park behind our building in the Crossfit Mill Street parking lot. Saturdays and Sundays you can park in Crossfit’s lot any time you would like.

If all of that is information overload, don’t worry. Beginning in February, we will now offer valet services Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday day and night, and Sunday day. You’re welcome.

Also, more weekly events! We will have the same weekly happenings you look forward to, plus some great new ones in the very near future:

Mondays– Trails and Ales running club, extended happy hour 4-9pm, and $10 Burger Night.

Tuesdays– Taco Tuesdays, happy hour 4-6pm, and $2 off any growler fill.

Wednesdays– 10:00 am morning yoga, Wing Wednesdays, Dads Run This Town, and happy hour 4-6pm.

Thursdays– Thirsty Thursday extended happy hour from 4-9pm.

Fridays– Open for lunch at 12pm and happy hour 4-6pm.

Saturdays & Sundays– Brunch 11am-3pm.

Guests can also expect Firkin Fridays to make a return in the near future, awesome menu specials when Executive Chef David Rabin is experimenting in the kitchen, Beer Dinners, and of course Holiday specials.

Additionally: Discounted night cap growler fill: each night after dinner. Teachers & Veterans Happy Hour: Mondays-Friday, 4-9pm. AHA Home-brewer Discount: $1 off pints, any time.

 Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, Virginia

The reason we changed our name to Caboose Tavern is to truly capture who we are, and clear up any confusion between our two locations. At both Caboose Brewing Company locations, you will find us brewing your favorite Caboose beers. You can fill your growlers, buy a six pack and other Caboose merchandise, eat unique food made with local ingredients, and enjoy time with your family.

Caboose Tavern

Caboose Tavern entails the classic Caboose you know and love. Choose Tavern if you are craving a bit of a finer-dining experience, or perhaps a more personal and intimate setting. Choose Tavern if you want to watch your meal being made, and have a conversation with your bartender. Choose Tavern if you want to walk, roller blade, bike, or run to your beer. Choose either Caboose location if you want good beer and thoughtful food.

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