Local Homebrewers Brew a Beer with Caboose Brewing Company

A group of local home brewers joined the Caboose team to brew beer together. Each brewer brought supplies and ingredients to brew a “PB & J” rye beer. At the end of the day, each brewer took their beer back to their respective homes to ferment.

Experimental Beer Release at Caboose

Our brewer Matt made his own rendition of the PB&J rye beer too. This will be released as a part of our Limited Release beer series at Caboose Commons. Served on Nitro (!), Matt describes his beer as a, “peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off.”

Community Craft Beer at Caboose

What an amazing experience we had to work with the craft beer fanatics in our community!  Check out some photos of the homebrewers and Matt in action! Looking to join in on the fun? Shoot us a message! Info@caboosebrewing.com.


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