Guest Blog: Looking for the Good by D.J. Lemarr

Looking for the Good

By D.J. LeMarr


Covid-19 sucks. This is a sentiment that we can all agree on and get behind like a legion of holy knights crusading to take back the time it is robbing from us. Now, there is plenty of negative news floating around the sphere about the dismal path we are treading, yet this isn’t all that is happening in the world at large. More than ever people are bonding together in force as is human nature when tragedy strikes. You need only look at the helpers going about donating food, medical supplies, and time to better serve the greater good. While many businesses are closing down (some even permanently, unfortunately), we can look to those who are fighting to give us all a sense of normalcy. Our fellow members of this great human race are battling Covid-19 on the frontlines at our hospitals, and aid is pouring into them like a great tidal wave of unbound kindness. Our service industries are attempting to keep doors open in order to provide services that make quarantine just a little more tolerable and the support from the population at large is heartwarmingly strong.

Working at Caboose Commons has led me to be face to face with many regulars as well as new customers who are seeking something to take the sting out of isolation—whether it be a good meal, hot coffee, or cold beer. While tensions mount and patience walks a razor’s edge, the kindness given in the form of gratuity, meals donated to local hospitals, and even friendly smiles and much needed laughs is as welcomed as anything one could desire. It brings me great joy seeing that even in the face of something so dreadful we maintain our tribal love for our fellow human. Even these small glimpses into the abyss give one an uplifting glow of hope that fills the heart to the brim despite the shadows that mar the news and happenings of the world.

Covid-19 will exact a toll from us, but everyone is fighting to lessen the impact, and the confidence that it inspires tells us that even if the rather lame apocalypse were to elevate itself into the realm of zombies, we would endure and survive and come out all the stronger—of this I am wholly certain. And once this storm has passed we will stand all the steadier, all the stronger in the face of the trials life brings before us. Yes, there is darkness in the world, but most of all there is kindness and kindness is more infectious and long lasting than any illness or tragedy that will ever come to past. We have only to look around and peer through the veil of discord to truly understand the boundless depths of compassion of the human soul.


About the Author:

D. J. LeMarr is a novelist and tragic poet. He was born in a small town not worth mentioning and served 4 years as a casket bearer in our nation’s finest cemetery. He now resides in the Washington D.C. area, and spends his time reading, being entirely too rude to his imaginary characters, and drinking coffee late into the night. You can see more of his work at

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