Experimental Beer Each Friday at Caboose Brewing Company

Limited Release Fridays at Caboose Brewing Company

At Caboose Brewing Company, we love our craft beer. We are proud of our classics and fan favorites, but we also love experimentation. All of our brewers are scientists, after all. Based off of this idea, we gave birth to… Firkin Friday. (No, we aren’t cussing.) But then we decided beer is better cold. Which led us to- Limited Release Fridays.

What’s a Firkin and Why Is It on Friday?

A firkin is essentially a small cask. To be exact, it is “a small wooden vessel or cask.” thank you Ryan Gaspard. There is no carbonation, so beer in a firkin is chilled but not cold.

Experimental Beer

Every Friday we release an experimental beer. These beers are twists on one of our classic beers. If we get a standing ovation, maybe you’ll see that version full time on tap! Or maybe the limited release isn’t your thing, and we can it all together. Either way, fun times each Friday! View fullsizeGose with Guava and Passion FruitView fullsizeC Squared with Fruity CerealView fullsizeGose with BlackberriesView fullsizeC Squared with Peach and HabaneroView fullsizeFog IPA with Coconut and RumView fullsizeBlonde Ale with Coffee BeansView fullsizeC (EREAL)View fullsizeFog IPA with Raspberries and BlueberriesView fullsizeFirkin FridayView fullsizeGose with Kalamasi and TequilaView fullsizeBlonde Ale with Coffee Beans

limited release fridays at caboose brewing company

Fruity Beer, Spicy Beer, Tequila Beer, Tea Beer, Coffee Beer

Each beer’s base is consisting of one of our beers already on tap. Our team of superhero brewers all contribute to our limited release program, giving each beer their own personal touch! Beers to be announced weekly.

A few great ones we’ve had…

Gose with tequila and kalamansi

C Squared DIPA with blood peach and habaneros

C Squared DIPA with fruity cereal

Boxcar Brown Ale with gigs and rum

Fog IPA with raspberries and blueberries

Fog IPA with mango and habaneros

… and many many more!

Experimental Beer at Caboose Brewing Company

Come visit either Caboose Tavern or Caboose Commons every Friday for a new twist on one of our classic beers. Each week we will be taking one of our beers and adding a new flavor or a few new ingredients to it. Let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas or suggestions!

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