Common Ground Open Mic at Caboose Commons

Derek LeMarr is our front of house manager, in charge of head of coffee and tea. He is also an amazing author, and hosts a monthly Open Mic at Caboose Commons called “Common Ground Open Mic.” The community meets on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 pm. For the Facebook event, click here. Here’s what he has to say-

Open Mic Night in Fairfax, VA

Common Ground Open Mic is a platform for poets, writers, and songwriters to get together to share and discuss ideas. The second Tuesday of each month, Caboose Commons will provide an event space to publicly share literary work in a safe space. Open Mic will be themed to promote awareness to a topic or theme of life. Things may be light and fun, or dark and sorrowful, but in the light and darkness of life we stand together, support one another, and speak as one voice, the voice of humanity. Here we all stand on a common ground shared by humanity.

Please feel free to share your work prior to the event, in our Common Ground Open Mic group. The group is for people to post their poetry and offer critiques and conversation: click here!

Writing Prompts For Open Mic Night

Note: these prompts are not mandatory! Just to spark some ideas…

January: New beginnings
February: Kinship over a cup of coffee
March: Finding the beauty within a storm
April: Fools and tricksters – which are you?
May: Healing wounds inflicted from the impact of mental health disease
June: A stranger in a strange land
July: Independence and sacrifice
August: Finding balance, or avoiding it
Sept: First day
Oct: Face your fear
Nov: Lollipop moment – A moment when a stranger has changed your world… and they have no idea.
Dec: The greatest gift

Hope to see you all there!

Learn more about D. J. Lemarr.

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