Caboose Commons: The Perfect Place to Work Remotely

Working from home, but tired of working from your actual home? Join us any day of the week to work remotely! Caboose Commons offers a wonderful and large space to accommodate all of your “work from home” needs.

Working Remotely at Caboose Commons
Working Remotely at Caboose Commons

Where to Work Remotely in Northern Virginia

Commons opens at 7:00am every single morning for all you early birds out there. We have you covered with freshly brewed Lone Oak coffee and pastries made in-house every morning. Our hand crafted breakfast menu is offered until 11:00 am, as well a few all-day items like our avocado toast. Our beer starts flowing at 7am if that’s the way you roll, we don’t judge. Coffee and tea beverages are available anytime of the day, especially when you need that mid-work day pick me up.

Fresh Pastries, Strong WiFi, & Even Stronger Coffee

Don’t want to disrupt your work or leave your seat? Order any drink or pastry through GoTab and we will bring it right to you! No need to get up.

Need to send some emails? Caboose Commons offers reliable, strong, free Wifi! Password: beerbeerbeer.

Want to set up a work meeting or call? Caboose Commons provides a large space with lots of outlets.

Commons is the ideal location to offer activities such as work meetings of interviews, conference calls, or just working alone to get out of the office for a day. The mezzanine and loft are also able to be rented out if you wish to host a workplace retreat or get together. We offer our space as a corporate meeting venue as well. Learn more about our private event opportunities!

Order Pastries To-Go

Obsessed with our pastries? Us too! If you can’t have your meeting at Caboose, bring Caboose to your meeting! Order our pastries in advance to share with your coworkers.

Latte, Breakfast Burrito, Ham Croissant at Caboose Commons
Latte, Breakfast Burrito, Ham Croissant at Caboose Commons
Coffee at Caboose Commons
Coffee at Caboose Commons

Best Places to Work From Home in Northern Virginia

Caboose Commons provides many different options for you to sit down and get everything done. If you’d like to be in a more social collaborative setting, sit on our main floor or our mezzanine. Both spaces offer ample places to work or set up a group meeting. If you were looking for some fresh air and inspiration, feel free to sit outside on our patio or at our bars. Our garage doors double as windows that are always open on sunny days. If you were looking to really buckle down and get work done in a quiet intimate space, try our sunset lounge, located on our third floor. Our third floor holds up to 20 people, and is away from all the hustle and bustle.

Mobile Order Caboose Commons Coffee

Don’t have time to sit and chat? Our coffee is now available to order ahead of time through GoTab. Order our coffee on your phone, and pick it up inside at our GoTab online order counter. Note: select “Mobile Order Pickup” as your pickup location for all mobile orders.

This blog post was written by Whitney Sullenger JUNE 13, 2019

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