Caboose Brewing Company Summer Beers


What’s better than a cold beer on a hot summer day? We have introduced new beers into our family this season, as well as bringing back a few favorites! Read all about our new additions below.

Wolf Trap Summer Ale on Caboose Commons Patio


The Wolf Trap Summer Ale is a light, refreshing pale ale with an ABV of 4.8% and IBU of 40. This is a beer that can be casually sipped on whether you are grilling or hanging out by the pool. The Wolf Trap is brewed with El Dorado Hops which gives it the faint aromas of pear, watermelon and stone fruit. The name Wolf Trap comes from our long standing collaboration with Wolf Trap National Park in Vienna, VA. Make sure you stop by Caboose Tavern to fill your growler before stopping by a Wolf Trap concert this summer!

Hilltop IPA on Caboose Commons Patio


The Hilltop IPA is a Hazy New England IPA. This beer is brewed with Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops and has an ABV of 6.6% and IBU of 60. The Hilltop also contains lactose which gives it a smoother and fuller mouth feel.


The Lokaal is our new Raspberry Belgian Blonde. Lokaal is named after the dutch word for local, because it is a Belgian-style beer and lets face it… we love our locals! This beer contains Belgian ale yeast and is being brewed with a raspberry puree and Kalamansi which is a Filipino lime. The ABV of this beer is 6.7% and the IBU is 20. Our new beer is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

Blackberry Gose at Caboose Commons
Raspberry Lokaal at Caboose Commons


After high demand, we introduced a gose to our offerings! A gose is a highly carbonated tart and fruity wheat beer which uses seas salt. A gose should be something light and refreshing with bright flavors and a low bitterness. The blackberry gose is jam packed with fruity blackberry flavors counterbalanced by sea salt additions.

difficult run saison.jpg
Key Lime Gose
Hop Theory


The Difficult Run is a Saison beer. One of the many ingredients that gives this beer its specific taste is the use of American Saison 1 from Jasper Yeast. This saison has an ABV of over 8% so it would be able to do well in our Virginia Red Wine barrels. Any beer under 8% has a higher likely hood of deteriorating. In addition to the American Saison yeast, this beer uses East Kent Golding and the Styrian Goldings hops which provide a nice spiciness to the beer itself.


Our Key Lime Gose is going to be our 300th brew… ever! We are so excited to see how this ideal summer beer turns out. Coming soon…


The Hop Theory was an experimental beer that was created with the idea of an orange creamsicle in mind. The Hop Theory contains an interesting collection of Norweigian Kviek Yeast. The Voss Kviek provides orange-citrus notes which pairs well with other hops such as Galaxy, Mosaic and Bravo that have hints of orange blossom honey and citrus. This beer also contains lactose which provides the creaminess for the idea of a creamsicle beer. This beer is a Norweigian Hazy IPA and had an ABV of 6.7% and an IBU of 80. Coming soon…


Firkin Friday at Caboose Commons and Caboose Tavern
Firkin Friday at Caboose Commons and Caboose Tavern

An experimental beer is one that is typically made in a smaller batch because it is either safer to do so or just simply easier. Beers that are slightly riskier to make are typically tested out on a smaller scale first. If any of these beers do well they have the possibility to be brought back on tap for longer. We also experiment with new beers every Friday during our Firkin Friday program. AUGUST 14, 2019

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