Caboose Brewing Company Begins Canning Beer


The day has finally come… we are canning our beer! You can now take your favorite beer home with you in a six pack. Our cans will be available at each location, beginning January 3rd, 2018. More information on where to purchase our beer offsite through our distributors, to come soon.


Why did we choose our Vienna lager to be the first beer we can? Well its pretty simple. It’s one of our best beers! Our Vienna, VA Lager is the 2017 Virginia Craft Brewer’s Cup Gold Medal Winner, and the 2016 Virginia Craft Brewer’s Cup Bronze Medal Winner.

Vienna lagers are a great introduction into the craft beer world. You can drink our Vienna, VA Lager pretty steadily throughout the day, with little to no regret. We recommend drinking our lager at your favorite sporting event, family gatherings, and movie marathons. We like to pair it with a few of our signature dishes such as pork belly, a good burger, and our mac and cheese.

Vienna lager is a style of beer, dating back to the 1800s. Since Caboose Brewing Company is born and raised in Vienna, VA, we had no choice but to create the best Vienna lager out there. Our very first brewer, Chris Mallon created our Vienna, VA Lager (originally named Crossroads Vienna Lager). It was our 13th batch of beer ever made at Caboose, on May 27th, 2015, and an instant fan favorite. We chose to rename our beer to simply “Vienna, VA Lager” to embrace our community, that we love so much. More about our Vienna Lager.


If you’ve been to Caboose in Vienna, you can’t miss the power lines right next to the W&OD Trail. From our patio, you can feel the peaceful nature of the wildlife. And if you listen closely, even hear the soft buzz of the power lines. We wanted to capture this sense of familiarity when canning our beer, to introduce Caboose to folks who may have never even heard of Vienna, Virginia.

Chris Mallon was our very first hire at the end of 2013 and spent a good part of 2014 perfecting what would become our best selling beers using a tiny 10 gallon system. Chris loved his family, his profession, and he loved being around people and sharing his craft. We will always remember Chris, and be thankful for having him in our lives. We chose the colors purple and turquoise on our label in his honor, to promote suicide prevention awareness.

Currently, we are only are canning our Vienna, VA Lager. But down the line, Caboose fans can expect our Fog IPA and other favorites in can form.


Caboose Brewing Company was first established in Vienna, VA by two families in 2014. Caboose is located at mile marker 12, right off of the W&OD Trail, which was once the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail. Owner Jennifer McLaughlin says, “Caboose was built with the intention of creating a welcoming, healthy space in which friends and family gather to work and play.” Caboose has since expanded, now with a second location in Merrifield, VA. Both of our locations carry the same values in every day operations: healthy environment, healthy lifestyle, and civic responsibility. Jen says, “Our employees wholeheartedly join our passion to provide quality food and beverage,  space to support local artists, and opportunities for all of us to try new things and meet new people. I love coming to work each day!”

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