Hobo Imperial Stout with Vanilla Bean


Caboose Brewing Company’s Hobo Stout has been around since the very beginning. Since we opened our doors in 2015, Hobo has been on tap.

We’ve experimented with our Hobo several times throughout the years. Everything from adding adjuncts like Vanilla, barrel aging in wine and whiskey barrels, and even bottling at one point. In fact, it is the only beer Caboose has ever bottled! And now, we can. And we are so excited about this beer!

Our Brewery Operations Manager, Ryan, says that he tastes cherry vanilla cola on the nose! He describes this beer as chocolate and toffee up front, complemented by rich caramel pecan undertones.

Executive Chef David Rabin describes the Hobo as, “Malty and full bodied with vanilla and hazel nut flavors.” He says the Hobo, “Reminds him of sitting by the fire during a snowy winter.”

David recommends pairing our Vanilla Hobo Stout with mac ‘n cheese, smoked brisket, coffee cake, and donuts. So basically, all the best foods in the world.

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