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Caboose Brewing Company: Great beer, thoughful food

The McLaughlin and Greer families made the leap into the brewing world on May 5, 2015 when they opened Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern in Vienna, VA.

The name comes from the historic red caboose in Vienna as well as the W&OD railroad line that winds through the picturesque town.

Just as the nationwide Rails to Trails system has embraced the remnants of the industry to build something for the community, the McLaughlin and Greer families wanted to revitalize the skeletal remains of an industrious past to bring a unique spark back to the community. Fast forward a few years, and you have the restoration of another relic of the past transformed into Caboose Commons. This new model opened its doors in September, 2018, and launched a coffee house/brewery hybrid that awakes with the early birds and carries on into the evening offering the same community and upholding the same values that have inspired Caboose from its inception.

At Caboose Brewing Company, our priority extends beyond simply providing a quality food and beverage experience. We strive to create a space that uplifts and supports a flourishing diverse community and supports local businesses and charities. We want our guests and employees to feel welcome and safe, to exchange experiences and invite new ideas, and cultivate community.

Caboose Brewing Company community
microbrewery examples at Caboose Brewing Company
Caboose Brewing Company chef preparing food

Fair Wage Fee at Caboose

Why a Fair Wage Fee?

A 15% Fair Wage Fee will be added to all food and beverage orders so that Caboose can assure a fairer, more equitable wage to ALL employees including our servers, food runners, dishwashers, line cooks, and even our brew team.

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If you have additional questions or feedback, please email us at info@caboosebrewing.com





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