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Caboose Brewing Company: Small-Town Pub Atmosphere in a Modern Environment

The McLaughlin and Greer families made the leap into the brewing world on May 5, 2015 when they opened Caboose Brewing Company and Caboose Tavern in Vienna, VA. The name comes from the historic red caboose in Vienna as well as the W&OD railroad line that winds through the picturesque town. Just as the nationwide Rails to Trails system has embraced the remnants of the industry to build something for the community, Caboose too, has revitalized the skeletal remains of our industrious past to bring a unique spark back to the community. Fast forward a few years, and you have the restoration of another relic of the past transformed into Caboose Commons. This new model opened its doors in September, 2018, and launched a coffee house/ brewery hybrid that awakes with the early birds and carries on into the evening offering the same community and upholding the same values that have inspired Caboose from its inception.

At Caboose Brewing Company, our priority extends beyond simply providing a quality food and beverage experience. We strive to create a space that uplifts and supports a flourishing community. We want our guests and employees to feel welcome and safe, to exchange experiences and invite new ideas, and cultivate cherished relationships.

For us here at Caboose, change starts at home. It is the accumulation of small actions that slowly steamroll into a force of new beginnings, and the empowerment of each other to enrich the world around us. We achieve this by respecting each other and our neighbors, celebrating diversity, and supporting local businesses and charities. After all, even the smallest flame can ignite a wildfire of change.

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Fair Wage Fees at Caboose

Why a Fair Wage Fee?

At Caboose we believe in paying our employees a fair, living wage for the hard work they do. We believe that the traditional tipping model is a broken system that needs systematic change. To combat this, we have implemented a Fair Wage Fee.

The Fair Wage Fee allows Caboose to pay all hourly employees a living wage starting at nearly 5x the tipped minimum wage, with the opportunity to earn much more! Tipping is optional, though greatly appreciated.

We do not build the cost into our products through price increases because we don't want to hide the costs. This allows the fee to be broken out to better understand where the money will be going.

We thank you for supporting the staff and supporting us in combating a broken and antiquated system.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please email us at info@caboosebrewing.com


Caboose Brewing Company OUR VALUES



At Caboose, we focus on building sustainable systems that contribute to environmental and social best practices. We source high quality ingredients and create a fun and safe place to work. By implementing green business practices, we help sustain the place in which we all live, work, and play.

Caboose is committed to:

  • Purchasing quality products from local farmers and purveyors
    • No corn syrup, manufactured sweeteners, or additives
  • Collaborating with other sustainable businesses
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    • Elimination of single-use plastics
    • Reutilization of old warehouse space
    • Recycling and composting programs
  • Utilizing brewing efficiencies to reduce resource consumption and waste
  • Upcycling spent grain, a nutrient-rich byproduct of beer making, to local livestock and pet chickens
  • Supplying a space in which thoughts and ideas can be freely shared and respected
  • Providing opportunities to share our work, learn from others … and play games
  • Participating in biannual Vienna stream cleanup days

We are always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint and nourish our community.

Caboose Brewing Company bike rack


At Caboose Brewing Company, we strive to create an environment that supports a thriving community. We want our guests and our employees to feel welcome and safe, share experiences and ideas, and develop valued relationships.

Caboose is committed to providing:

  • A place to slow down, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends
  • A safe space for friends, families, and strangers to gather
  • An environment in which you are valued
    • Honor what everyone brings to the table
    • Welcome and respect all humans
  • A location where we create and host events that support the health and well-being of our community
  • A meeting place for running and biking clubs
    • Provide space for the yoga community to gather while we are closed.
    • Host athletic events and classes provided by local businesses.
    • Collaborate with other like-minded & local businesses.


Change starts at home … change starts small … at Caboose, we empower each other to be our best and give back to the world around us. We support local businesses and charities, celebrate diversity, and are respectful to each other and our neighbors … a little love goes a long way

Caboose is committed to:

  • Creating a fun and healthy work environment
  • Building a culture that inspires teamwork
  • Providing opportunities to those with a passion for creating something special
  • Offering a creative space to explore food, beer, coffee, beverage, and service
  • Partnering with community wellness organizations to bring out the best in all of us
  • Investing in educational opportunities for our employees
  • Hosting events that celebrate action and education
    • Host educational workshops
    • Donations + proceeds nights
    • Support community cleanup initiatives
    • Celebrate our local heroes
    • International Women’s Day market
    • Community Hop Initiative
    • Host voter registration organizations
    • Variety of educational workshops