Fair Wage Fee Explained

At Caboose we believe in paying our employees a fair, living wage for the hard work they do. We believe that the traditional tipping model is a broken system that needs systematic change. To combat this, we have implemented a Fair Wage Fee in lieu of the traditional tipping model.

The Fair Wage Fee allows Caboose to pay all hourly employees a living wage starting at nearly 5x the tipped minimum wage, with the opportunity to earn much more! Any additional tip goes directly to our staff to supplement their base pay.

We do not build the cost into our products through price increases because we don't want to hide the costs.
This allows the fee to be broken out to better understand where the money will be going.

We thank you for supporting the staff and supporting us in combating a broken and antiquated system.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please email us at info@caboosebrewing.com