Caboose Brewing Company + Lone Oak Coffee

If you know Caboose Commons, you know we are much more than a brewery. We are also a full coffeehouse, and are proud of our partnership with Lone Oak coffee. We love Lone Oak so much, we decided to create a beer with them. Introducing, “Collaborate and Listen #1".”

We teamed up with Lone Oak to create a special edition American Blonde Ale. Using Lone Oak’s Guatemala blend, we created a juicy and sweet beer with a tart fruit acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. This beer is special because it has citrus honey flavors, smells like a coffee porter, and looks like a blonde ale.

Staying true to our mission to promote civic responsibility, our Brewing team chose the Guatemalan bean because it is imported through the Women Coffee Producers Program. This program empowers women along the global coffee supply chain by creating equity, visibility, and access to a wider market. Lone Oak's Guatemalan Waykan roast features notes of grapefruit and honey that lend a lighter, livelier feel to the coffee ale.

Collaborate & Listen #1

The brew is a first birthday tribute to Caboose Commons. We are debuting this new beer in our 16oz cans at our Oktoberfest Birthday Bash on September 21st.

Beer and coffee fans will want to try this limited edition brew because it's a departure from a traditional coffee stout or porter.

This American blonde ale is made with Lone Oak’s Guatemala Waykan coffee. The beer is juicy and sweet with tart fruit acidity, citrus & honey notes, and made with local malt. 5.1% ABV & 19 IBUS.


Award Winning Lone Oak Coffee

Lone Oak recently won three bronze metals for their roasting skills in the Golden Bean North American roasting competition. This is the largest roasting competition in the world. But are we surprised by their awards? Not at all. Their Ethiopia Guji Natural placed third in the filter/drip coffee category, and their House Blend Espresso placed third in the espresso black category as well as third for milk based espresso category.

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