Caboose X Blue Bee Collaboration: Ayr Hill Rush


In celebration of all things local we love to do collaborations! Last November, we teamed up with Blue Bee Cider to create something delicious together and Ayr Hill Rush was born.

Ayr Hill is a shout out to the original name of the Town of Vienna, the home of our original location. Made from Gold Rush apple juice and Motueka and Vic Secret hops, Ayr Hill Rush is a semi-dry cider that has floral notes with a hint of hops. What makes Ayr Hill different is that it is a boiled hopped cider. The boiling actually activates the bittering acids in the hops and the fruit flavors. You don’t see that much in the cider world, but you definitely do in the brewing world!

This collaboration became available mid-March, just as Virginia began to close down to stay safe. Now, as we are reopening, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a glass of deliciousness co-created locally with a friend and cider expert!

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