#bundleup is a grassroots movement to encourage guests to don snow boots and snow gear, bring a warm blanket, and eat/drink outside!
“COVID winter” is sadly upon us and the cost of winterizing outdoor spaces is high and difficult to justify on a good year. This year, winterizing is simultaneously our potential saving grace and a huge financial risk ... we just can't afford to do much right now.

Let's Create a Movement!

By participating in the #bundleup campaign, restaurants and breweries can help mainstream outdoor dining no matter the weather!

  • If you are interested in joining the campaign, have at it! Spread the word … tell your friends and industry groups. 
  • #bundleup can be used as is or with a location customization - i.e. #bundleupvienna, #bundleupdmv, #bundleupdc, etc.
  • Join our #bundleup collaboration brew.

This is going to be a tough winter both as a business owner and as a human with friends and family whose health and finances are susceptible to this pandemic. My thoughts are with all of you as we weather this together. Looking forward to March!

Cheers, Jennifer McLaughlin (Owner)


Participating Breweries & Restaurants ...

Breweries: Help spread the word! Brew our Wee Heavy, or any other beer, and name it #bundleup! The more the merrier! We have made our recipe available to you if you choose to use it. If you have questions about the recipe, reach out to brewery@caboosebrewing.com.

Restaurants: Interested in ordering the beer for your bar or restaurant? Caboose is selling this beer at cost. We will be canning early January and will have kegs available as well! Contact sales@ferment-nation.com to order.

Caboose Recipe

#bundleup Wee Heavy

Golden Promise - 84.5%
Crystal 120 - 4.5%
Chocolate - 3.5%
Carapils - 7.5%

Mash @153F for 60min
Mash Out @168F

FW Hallertau to 40IBU

Jasper Scottish Ale

Cast Out @ 64F
Ferment @66F
D-rest @68F
Target OG: 19P
Target FG: 6.5P

BundleUp-Updated copy

#bundleup Bike Ride

  1. Arrive by bicycle at Caboose Brewing Company & Tavern, Bike Lane Brewing, Old Ox Brewery, and Lake Anne Brew House.
  2. Buy a beer ... or anything really ...
  3. Collect a stamp (with purchase) at each brewery.
  4. Bring filled card to the brewery of your choice for your FREE GIFT!
Bundle Up bike rides insta

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